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New Zealand Naturals

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Proposed Strategy

Recapitulating Penin’s view of how services are the basic unit of exchange rather than goods, I think it is applicable in today’s world more than ever. With a sharp rise in products, it is inevitable to avoid saturation in an industry. And we are at that saturation point. Hence, companies and industries are now moving towards creating an immaculate experience for the user meanwhile providing them with a complementing product. Therefore, apart from their delicious and mouth-watering ice-creams, I want to engage the audience by providing them with services to make them want to come back again. Hence, the strategies that will be implemented will not only have a long-term impact but are meant to be tactical in nature. Expanding on the theory of Pro-Aesthetic design and Anti-Aesthetic design, I plan to find a balance between the both - this will enable me to capture a wider audience.

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