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Keywords & Themes

Human-Centred Design





Of all the status-quos that Covid-19 has disrupted, the education industry has perhaps faced the biggest challenge. It has never been interrupted at the fundamental level globally until now. Therefore, making it crucial for us to monitor how this industry is adopting strategies and technologies, to curtail the impact of Covid-19 on students' futures.

Project Rationale

This app is aimed to encourage & invigorate how students interact outside of their class. Based on the learnings, I propose to create an App that enables students from different universities to collaborate and provide them with a chance of creating a network. It is aimed at being a platform for sharing knowledge and creating an eco-system where students can discuss and help each other with assignments, projects, etc. It is to promulgate a more cohesive and more collaborative behavior amongst students. In the current times, students need to have a platform where they are encouraged to explore more and expand their POV and perspective. It will encourage creativity, discussions, learning, & a holistic approach to design.

  • How might we expand the academic circle beyond the existing batch/class/uni? 

  • How might we engage and indulge in collaborative discussion on a certain topic with students from various universities? 

  • How might we broaden students perspective and go beyond what is being taught in the class ? 

  • How might we track internships and job opportunities in a simplified manner on a platform ? 

  • How might we connect the current students with the Alumni? 

How Might We.

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Name: Michelle

Age: 24

She is a design student in RMIT, Melbourne who currently resides in Hong Kong. She loves to socialize and due to online classes, she is missing out on the opportunity to expand her network and social circle beyond RMIT students/her classmates.

During her first semester, some of her assignment briefs were based on Australian culture. But being an international student, she had very little knowledge of the same. After reading up on the same and gathering some information, she wanted to know more. Since she didn’t know any student from Australia closely she attempted the assignment with the knowledge she possessed. 

User Persona.

Proposed Strategy

he application embodies a unique blend of human-centric and service design principles. Crafting it was a challenge, requiring a departure from the conventional social media landscape. It was imperative that this app distinguished itself amid the noise prevalent in most social platforms. Moreover, its universal appeal was paramount, aiming to welcome students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, colleges, and genders.

In today's digital age, social media often drowns in trivialities, but for the youth, it remains a vital tool. This app was meticulously crafted, addressing the specific needs and usage patterns of our diverse user base. It not only facilitates efficient use of technology but also ensures an enjoyable experience.

Crucially, it acknowledges the informal learning that occurs through study groups and collaborative projects, aspects often overlooked in traditional education.

One significant challenge faced by students is the hesitance to approach peers, hindering collaborative learning. To bridge this gap and encourage connections among students with shared interests, this app was conceived. It serves as a platform, fostering connections and collaboration, thereby enhancing the educational experience. Moreover, its collaborative approach lays the foundation for future expansion and improvement, making it a promising endeavor in the realm of student interaction and learning.

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Initial rough


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