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Design Studio

Project Brief

As publishing houses, we were tasked with creating a unique name and identity for our house as well as an initial publication proposal (in the form of a BLAD or similar).

Team Members:

Michelle Chu

Lily Chiang


Project Rationale

Covid-19 has not only impacted the economies but also had a deep impact on human emotions and psychology.

Opening your heart and sharing your story can be scary, but they can also lead to deeper connections and essential life lessons. And as designers, we’ve often noticed that doing so can turn into lifelong friendships, new collaborations, and serious lifelines when life gets tough :)

Our publication - ‘Design Journey,’ targets not only the students of MCD but also the alumni, the professors, design students from other universities, our alumni, and every other creative who’s on an exciting design journey.  

Asset 24.png

Proposed Strategy

As a publishing house, our initial publication proposal is to develop a print publication that entails the design journey of all the students of our course. As budding designers and a part of MCD, we are still exploring ourselves as designers and basically answering “who am I and what am I supposed to do”. Therefore in an attempt to get a little closer and inspire our peers, this publication will highlight their journey and how did they discover design - basically narrate their story. Keeping in mind that every designer have their own style, the students will describe their journey how they want to - doodling, comic, illustrations, story narrating, etc.  

Apart from the aforementioned, this also aims to instil a feeling of inclusivity amongst students. It will be a platform that everyone can relate to. Alumni can ‘reminisce’ their old days, make people feel that they’re not alone on this extensive, exciting yet overwhelming journey.

The design inspiration for this publication is raw, hand-drawn, polaroids, etc. Since every designer has their own style, it will incorporate various styles like illustrations, zine, comics, mind mapping techniques, etc. The identity mark that binds it all together is the gradient being used across all the pages in our publication. The gradient color will be based on the question ‘What color represents your journey as a designer and why?’

The flow of the chapter will be guided despite having a ‘raw’ and ‘authentic’ look to it. It will be guided through a set of questions we have pre-decided. Each designer will be given four sections in the layout: portrait, Q&A, Design Journey, and past designs.

Abstract Desert Sahara Landscape_ Line Art Hand Drawn Illustration. Desert Landscape View.
7 Best Polaroid Cameras for Travel_ What Makes a Travel Polaroid Camera
Procreate Color Palette Milky Pastel  Color Swatches  _ Etsy
Premium Vector _ A man playing music_ collection of hand drawn, vector illustration in ske
Music zine ✨
Adventure map
Love Letters I Never Sent  A Poetry Zine by Oslo Jemmeson _ Etsy
AQA GCSE MIND MAPS 2020 ⋆ felt-tip-pen
Asset 3.png

The team comprises of 4 designers from different countries and cultural backgrounds. To instill an essence of the multicultural background - HITT, our publishing house, is an Acronym for Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The main concept is to establish a sense of trust, unity, strength, inclusivity, and recognition by designing a bold logo. Therefore, the HITT logotype constitutes of the H,I,T,T alphabets using thick lines.Consistency in its presentation is key meanwhile setting a standard for the uniformity and clarity across all the elements of the brand identity and communication in our publications.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 8.37_edited.png

Proposal Video

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