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Data Visualization

Covid-19 & Its Impact on International Students


Keywords & Themes

Data Visualization

Social Media









Project Brief

In this project, we are required to work either with data provided by RMIT ABC Fact Check, or data we find from a reputable source, to create a set of visualisations. The format of the final visualisations should be suitable for social media, or the platform of our choosing, with RMIT ABC Fact Check as the prospective 'client'.

Project Rationale

Of all the status-quos that Covid-19 has disrupted, the education industry has perhaps faced the biggest challenge. It has never been interrupted at the fundamental level globally until now. Therefore, making it crucial for us to monitor how this industry is adopting strategies and technologies, to curtail the impact of Covid-19 on students' futures.


To grasp a firm understanding of the situation, this set of data visualizations focus on the decision-making process that prospective students undertook, meanwhile studying the range of external influences and factors that played a role in their study-abroad decision.

Data Viz.png

Proposed Strategy

The set of data visualizations will focus on the decision-making process that prospective students undertook, meanwhile studying the range of external influences and factors that played a role in their study-abroad decision. The data set will be segregated into three sections – The first section is the mere introduction and survey information. The second section called "the Social Dilemma" will focus on the data related to the core decision-making involved in their study abroad plan. Lastly, the third section "Study Abroad from Home" will represent students' response to online learning while exploring external factors affecting their decision.

Page1 copy.png
Data Visualisation_ Methylamphetamine & Heroin
Colorpong_com - Dataism IV - Vector Bundle
Page2 copy.png
Page2 copy_edited.png

Final Designs

Section 1

Introduction & Survey Information

This section consists of the survey data. It highlights the quantitative nature of the information. This section is significant since it enables us to establish the credibility of the subsequent data series and understand our audience and respondents.

#0 COVER_300x.png
#0 KEY FACTS.png

Section 2

 Core Decision Making about Studying Abroad

This section explores the dilemma being faced by a plethora of students across the globe. Hence, this section is called “the Social Dilemma”. It talks about the percentage of students whose study abroad plans have been impacted by Covid-19. Furthermore, it explores the vibrancy of the options available to students and talks about their next logical step regarding their study abroad plan amidst the pandemic.

#1 The Social Dilemma.jpg
The Social Dilemma 1_300x.png
The Social Dilemma 2_300x.png

Section 3

 Data related to Online Learning

This section studies students' responses to Online Learning. Therefore, this section is called “Study Abroad” from Home. The three posts in this section (apart from the cover) establishes a hierarchy between the data being presented. It covers the responses recorded about students’ interest in online learning and then further dwelling into the reasons that impact the same. 

#3 Study Abroad from Home.jpg
Study Abroad from Home 3_300x.png
Study Abroad from Home 1_300x.png
Study Abroad from Home 2_300x.png

The Final


One Plus 7 Pro PSD Mockup.png
Asset 1.png

Section 4

Instagram Stories: Testimonials from students

Now that we have studied the quantitative data, these Instagram stories represent the qualitative data in this series. Three stories represent three different students’ testimonials which were recorded as part of the survey. These stories will not only help to communicate concerns but also add an emotional context to the statistics being presented in the visualizations.

Data Viz 2.png
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